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Bump all of your Vinted listings with one click.

Each time you upload an item to Vinted it will appear at the top of the search rankings for any keywords included in the listing. In order to push your item back to the top, you must pay Vinted (~$1) to "bump" your item which means it will get push back up to the top for 3-days.

Use Sales Bot for Vinted to instantly bump all of your listings back to the top by automatically creating copies of your items and re-uploading them to your Vinted store - this will save you time and a lot of cash!


Build your brand and an audience of Β Vinted followers.

The more followers you have the more people will see your items increasing the chances of a sale. Follow other users so they receive a notification and will check out your store & items. There's also a high possibly they will follow you back.

Vinted sellers that use Sales Bot's Vinted Follow Bot can gain thousands of followers quickly on auto-pilot. Save countless hours and let the Sales Bot Chrome extension automate everything.


Engage your customers with in-app messaging.

Find and engage your audience with Vinted's in-app messaging. Are you having a flash sale or have added a discount to some of you items? Letting your followers know is a sure fire to make quick sales. Have you just listed an item - find other similar items on Vinted and message others that like that item to take a look at yours.

Using Sales Bot's Vinted Messaging Bot you can automate the messaging with customized messages for each individual recipient.