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Discover the easy way to gain followers, optimise your listings, advertise and sell your items across online marketplaces.

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"Using Sales Bot IΒ have managed to significantly increase both levels of followers and sales. Simple to use and saves me time!" - Jack Benlican


"Helps my sales a ton, the Sales Bot team is great and will work with you personally 1 on 1 to meet your needs. Highly recommend!" - Arianna Palandri


"My favorite app. Sales Bot is literally instrumental in growing my store. I'm incredibly happy with my purchase!" - Justin Mapanao


What's new?

Over the past few months, here at Sales Bot, we've been working hard to create the best suite of tools for online resellers to increase their income. We've spoken to hundreds of sellers and listened to all of your feedback, requirements and ideas - now we're ready to show you Sales Bot 2.0!

New user interface

We've full overhauled our user experience and UI. Take a look for yourself - watch the video at the bottom of this page!

  • Easy show/hide the extension
    Do you need to view something hidden behind the Sales Bot panel? Click our icon on Depop's navigation bar- bring Sales Bot back to the foreground by clicking that icon once more.
  • Dark mode supported
    Do you prefer a darker experience? Sales Bot 2.0 now has dark mode so you can operate growing your online store while saving your eyes!

New account setup

We've changed how accounts work with Sales Bot - this means you get more control and visibility of your data.
All existing subscriptions to Sales Bot v1 will be automatically transferred to your Sales Bot v2.0 account.

  • New Sales Bot account
    Before you can use Sales Bot you must create a new account with a valid email and a password with 8-24 characters. All companies should enter their VAT info (if applicable). This login is different from your Depop/Vinted account, therefore your email can be different if you wish and your password should NOT be the same.
  • Clearer billing & trial periods
    The 'My account' page on the Sales Bot extension has been updated to show you all important information about your account and your subscription/trial billing and expiry periods.

New Depop features

Some additional features that will save you hours and increase you sales.

  • Refresh items when you're away from the computer
    Often it is tough to always remember to refresh your items every few hours because life just gets in the way. You can now make your items automatically refresh themselves using Sales Bot. Visit our 'Scheduled refreshing' page to setup Sales Bot to refresh all of your items every few hours, even when you're away from the computer! You don't need to leave Depop open, just keep Chrome open with an internet connection.
  • Follow all the users the have purchased items from a store
    Increasing your follower count is always a simple and quick when using Sales Bot to auto follow then unfollow other Depop users. However, ensuring that you are attracting "high-value" followers is important. A "high-value" Depop user is someone who has made purchases in their recent history. Gain the interest & following of Depop users with purchases by visiting a competitor store and clicking 'Follow this store's customers'.
  • Personalise any messages you send
    Sending messages to prospective customers is core to any growing any online business. Often when sending messages to your followers or users that like one of your products, your messages could often come across as spam and therefore ignored. Use Sales Bot to add variables, such as 'username' or 'firstname' etc. to your message so that they can be personalized as they are sent.

New Vinted marketplace

We've added Vinted marketplace so that you can expand your audience and increase your sales.
Sales Bot is no longer just a Depop Bot.

  • Bump all of your items for free
    Vinted is a very popular online marketplace much like Depop. The audience differs slightly meaning that if you have items that don't sell on Depop there is a high chance they will sell on Vinted and vice-versa. On Vinted you must pay (Β£0.95) to "bump"Β your items, as you imagine this will become expensive if you have many items listed! Our Sales Bot extension will "bump" your items to the top of the search totally for free, this is a feature you've got to try out!
  • Automatically gain authentic followers
    On Vinted gaining followers is actually more important than on Depop. Vinted revolves around notifications meaning the more followers you have the more people will be notified of your new items or when you adjust the price of your products.

Hope you love 2.0 as much as we do - drop us an email with any questions/ideas/feedback! (