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How to get your first 1000 Followers on Depop

How we used Sales Bot to gain 1,000 followers in less than 8 hours on a brand new account. Free to use, no credit card required.

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How to get your first 1000 Followers on Depop
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Here's how we gained one thousand followers in eight hours.

We opened Depop for desktop on the Chrome browser. We went to the explore page and clicked the first product we thought looked cool! We then proceeded to like this product and follow all of the users that liked this product too. The thinking is that these users were probably active and online recently and therefore would likely convert into a follow-back. Meanwhile, we were also finding verified users that had sizeable sales and proceeded to follow all of their followers!

Now what? Sooner or later you will run into the 7501 follower limit that Depop imposes upon all accounts (there are some exemptions for early Depop adopters). So now you must unfollow the users you are following (first-in-last-out) so that you can make space to follow new users.

  • Tuesday, 7th July 2020 17:14 (London local time)
    We created a brand new Depop account (@curatedkoala)
  • Tuesday, 7th July 2020 17:16 (London local time)
    We got our first follower! 🎉🎉
  • Tuesday, 7th July 2020 17:25 (London local time)
    We got our 10th follower
  • Tuesday, 7th July 2020 17:49 (London local time)
    We got our 50th follower
  • Tuesday, 7th July 2020 18:18 (London local time)
    We got our 100th follower
  • Tuesday, 7th July 2020 19:20 (London local time)
    We got our 250th follower
  • Tuesday, 7th July 2020 21:07 (London local time)
    We got our 500th follower
  • Tuesday, 8th July 2020 01:39 (London local time)
    We got our 1000th follower

Why do you want followers on Depop?
Having a lot of followers will allow your items to go into more feeds of potential customers which will increase your reach into more buyer feeds. The more feeds you are in, the more chances you have to sell your items. Think of this as your store's footfall.

How fast can you gain followers on Depop?
There has been lots of speculation throughout the Depop communities on the best way to gain followers and the rate at which these tactics can gain new followers. This was the first real world test to see how quickly a brand new account can reach 1,000 followers. All data provided throughout this page is real!

Here's the reality of it...
Following, liking and unfollowing this many users for eight hours straight is just not humanly possible. We used Sales Bot for Depop which is a Chrome Extension to automate this process for us whilst we laid back having a cup of coffee (and browsed Depop from our phone app). This meant that we were able to follow users and unfollow users at the exact same time and never hit the 7501 limit! And better yet - it's not against the Depop terms of service.

tl;dr - We followed Depop accounts until we hit the 7501 limit, then unfollowed them all. Then we did it again.

Automatically follow users on Depop.