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10 Tips & Advice for Depop sellers

Tips and tricks shared by top Depop sellers to help your store flourish.

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10 Tips & Advice for Depop sellers
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Some advice for new and experienced sellers to the Depop platform.

We see a lot of conversations in the Depop community consisting of sellers complaining about flaky buyers, rude customers or just other issues to do with Depop. We've decided to share key advice that we've found helpful to deal with these issues and to increase sales.

  1. Kind of obvious advice, but ensure the pictures you take are clear-use natural lighting where possible.
  2. Share your listings as much as possible. I share mine 5-6 times a day which helps sales. This increases the amount of people that see your listings leading to more sales.
  3. If you only want to sell an item for a said price put ‘please do not send offers, price as listed’ in the bio.
  4. NEVER FORCE A SALE. You’ll get it all the time where a buyer will consistently send lowball offers. If you’re not happy to sell at that price just simply send a nice message saying ‘thank you for your interest, but I can only do price as listed’-you will eventually find a buyer.
  5. DON'T DO HOLDS. If a potential buyer messages you asking for you to put the item on hold for them, don’t. Often buyers remorse will kick in and the potential buyer will likely flake and not buy the item. Operate your shop on a first come, first serve basis and let this be known to buyers.
  6. Flaky buyers - You’ll hear it all the time “I’ll buy this tomorrow”-the famous last words. The buyer likely won’t buy tomorrow, so in this situation flip the script on the buyer by saying something like ‘thanks for the interest but please note as I don’t do holds I can’t assure that this will still be in stock tomorrow. If you’re interested in these I’d advise grabbing them as soon as possible to secure them’. Always works a treat for me.
  7. Offer international shipping.
  8. Follow as many verified accounts as you can and regularly follow/unfollow them to build your follower count.
  9. Never be rude to people that message you even if they are rude in the first place. Just don’t respond or respond politely, even if you do want to tell them to do one.
  10. Know your products. Whatever items you choose to sell, ensure you know the value of the item by doing research before listing.
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