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More than 6,000+ Depop sellers trust Sales Bot

"Using Sales Bot I have managed to significantly increase both levels of followers and sales. Simple to use and saves me time!" - Jack Benlican


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Automatically follow other stores on Depop

The best way to sell your items is to get them seen by as many users as possible - to do this all Depop users will use the method of following other users. This is how it works; Step1: When you follow somebody on Depop they will receive a notification to their phone alerting them that you have done so. Step 2: The user will open up their phone and take a look at your store and the items you're selling. Step 3: If they like your store they might choose to follow you back. We have discovered that roughly between 10-20% of users on Depop will always follow you back.

Every time a user takes a look at your store or follows you, the chance of you items selling goes up! After you've followed 7501 users you will hit the Depop follower limit, at which point you must start unfollowing users so that you can start the process over again. Sales Bot can automate both of these processes for you.

Don't waste your time or cash buying fake followers, use the Sales Bot Follow Bot feature to automatically gain real followers who will make purchases and engage with your store. Your store's popularity is defined by how many followers you have and this also increases your chances of getting featured on the Depop's in-app explore page.

  • Follow users
    With Sales Bot you can easily follow thousands of users on your Depop store with a single click. No logins needed, you can do it right in your browser.
  • Time saving
    No more sore fingers after following users for hours one by one. Sales Bot does the heavy lifting while you invest your time elsewhere.
  • Increased sales
    If you decide to use Sales Bot's auto follow feature, you will almost certainly see an increase in sales due to greater footfall, engagement and activity from your account.
  • Easy to use
    Our Chrome extension is so easy to use, you'll be setup and unfollowing users in minutes using this Depop bot. Go on, give us a try!

How to automatically follow Depop users

Here's a quick 3 step guide to how top sellers use Sales Bot's auto follow feature for engagement, to gain followers and to make sales.

  1. Install the Sales Bot app
    Open up your Chrome browser on any computer and install our free Sales Bot Chrome extension, link is right here.
  2. Click the "Follow users followers" button
    When you've installed Sales Bot and logged into Depop, navigate to you own store page. Notice the Sales Bot application in the top right of your browser window, next press the "Follow user's followers" button to start the auto follow process.
  3. Reap the rewards
    You will immediately have eyes on your store and start to gain followers so ensure your store is using eye-catching photos for your listings. We gained 1,000 followers in just 8 hours using this tool, read about it here.

More than just a Depop Bot

Sales Bot is a lot more than just a Depop Bot used for auto following Depop users. Sales Bot is a powerful suite of tools and features that allows you to make more money from your Depop store (we now support the Vinted marketplace too!). Using automation tools you will allow you to save time and increase your sales - refresh bot, depop follow bot, depop unfollow bot, depop like bot, depop messaging bot, supercharge link in bio, depop fee calculator and much, much more.